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 Vision Of the Institution:

Vision :

The Government Polytechnic Nizamabad  Strives to be acclaimed as  the best institution in the state , offering professional education  in   multitude of engineering branches , in which the students, faculty, and staff commit themselves  for a bright  future of our state and country by contributing  in the areas of

§Teaching , Training and scholarship

§Research and innovation

§Engagement and public service

§Economic development

Mission of the Department:

The Department of Electronics and communication engineering aims to achieve the distinction of being best in the state  by

§  Inculcating professionalism among Students, Faculty and staff to achieve heights in their career

§  Adapting the best practices to achieve global competency

§  Making innovation a part of all  academic & non academic activities and for wellbeing of the society

§  Resource optimization for addressing environmental safety

Guiding Values

In all activities of  the Government Polytechnic Nizamabad  , we will:

§  Aim high

§  Encourage Honesty and Professionalism

§  Strive to achieve our goals

§  Be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible leadership

§  Value excellence, quality, and service

§  Foster innovation and creativity

§  Save environment by resource optimization

§   Be inclusive, treat each other with dignity and respect, and promote responsible citizenship

 PEOs: The Government Polytechnic Nizamabad  Electronics and Communication Engineering programs will produce versatile  Diploma Engineers  having the choice, talents, and knowledge to:

1.     Pursue a diverse range of careers as engineers, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

2.     Continue their education in leading under graduate programs in engineering and interdisciplinary areas to emerge as researchers, experts, and educators. with a sense of social responsibility

3.     Re-learn and innovate in ever-changing global economic and technological environments of the 21st century by using modern tools and attain professional competence through lifelong learning

Practice and inspire high ethical , professional practices  ,about communicate to colleagues and the public at large their work and accomplishments contributing to the societal welfareEstablished in 1959

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