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For Any Grievances mail to - gptsiddipethelpdesk@gmail.com

Grievances Committe Members:

1. K. Jyoti HCMES Mobile No. 9866690163 email: jkalmath@gmail.com

2. Nitin Pawar SL/CME Mobile No. 9247571627 Email: nitinpawar4@gmail.com

3. Dr. A. Venkataramana SL/ECE Mobile No. 9440456146 Email: dravaruramana@gmail.com

4. G. Manikyam SL/English

Board of Governors (BoG):

1. RJDTE, Hyderabad         Chairman

2.Principal                           Convener

3. HCME                             Member

4. HECE                              Member

5. HGS                                Member

6. Nominee of DTE            Member

7. Nominee of SBTET       Member

8. Nominee of Welfare Departments BC/SC/ST/Minorities Welfare Dept      Member

8. Administrative Officer         Member

9. Industrialists:

DECE   Sri Aitha Santosh, JTO, BSNL    Member

DCME  Sri B. Sampath, Soft Ways IT Solutions    Member

10. Head Master, ZPHS      Member

11. Alumni:

T. Sai Ganesh, N. Vamsidhar, Ch. Lavanya, A. Vijay, N.Niharika

P. Anjaneyulu, P. Gopal, Ch. Sai Kiran, R. Bhaskar, B. Srikanth

12. Students& Their Parents:

M. Bhagylakshmi D/o M. Krishna Murthy

M. Akshay Kumar D/o M. Yellaiah


Government Polytechnic Siddipet, was established in 2008 under GOMS No. 208 Dated 08-09-2008, and shifted to permanent building at Rajgopalpet village which is 12 km away from Siddipet town, in June 2013. Following two courses of 3 years duration are offered to students who passed SSC and qualified through POLYCET entrance exam.

     1. Diploma in Computer Engineering.

     2. Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell:

1. G. Suryanarayana, Principal      Chairperson

2. K. Jyoti HCME                          Co-ordinator Mobile No. 9866690163

3. C. Ratnakumari, HECE              Member

4. Dr. A. Venkataramana, Sl/ECE    Member

5. Nitin Pawar, SL/CME                  Member

6. N. Sudha, L/ECE                         Memvber

7. Principal, ZPHS, Siddipet            Nominee of Local Society

8. Principal, ZPHS, Palamakula      Nominee of Local Society

9. M. Bhagya Lakshmi                    Student Nominee

10. T. Sai Ganesh                            Alumni Nominee

11. Aitha Santosh, JTO, BSNL       Industrialist Nominee

12. B. Sampath, Softways Solutions    Industrialist Nominee

13. M. Yellaiah F/o M. Akshay Kumar      Nominee of Stakeholder

Institution Industry Cell:

1. Smt. K. Jyoti, HCME

2. Dr. A. Venkataramana SL/ECE

Internal Compliant Comitte:

1. Smt. K. Jyoti, HCME

2. Dr. A. Venkataramana SL/ECE

Placement Cell:

1. Smt. K. Jyoti, HCME

2. Dr. A. Venkataramana SL/ECE

SC/ST Cell:

1. G. Manikyam, SL/English

2. Ravindra Naik, CL/CME

3. Smt. T. Bhargavi, CL/CME

4. Smt. P. Madhavi, CL/ECE

Student Counsellor:

Sri. A. Srinath, L/ECE

PolyCET-2017 Information booklet

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