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The Department of Technical Education in 2006 observed that the intake ratio of Diploma to Degree in Engineering  is 1:6 which is contrary to the required ratio of 4:1 and hence is a cause of concern to the industries in getting qualified Technicians for employment. The lack of technical manpower is affecting their productivity.To augment the supply of more number of qualified Technicians to industries and with a view to provide opportinities to rural people to study Diploma courses, the Government have decided to establish more number of Government Polytechnics in rural areas with courses which are in demand and issued GO Ms. No. 219 Higher Education (TE-I) Department Dated 15-9-2008 according Administrative Sanction to start the Government Polytechnic at Yadagirigutta, Nalgonda (District) from the academic year 2008-09 along with  6 other Government Polytechnics.


Yadagirigutta is 60 Km away from the capital city Hyderabad. It is a pilgrim centre and thousands of devotees regularly visit to pray Lord Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, one of the avataars of Lord Vishnu to destroy the evil minded Hiranya Kashpa. Yadagirigutta is located at 2.5 Km from Raigiri which is on the State Highway 163 from Hyderabad to Warangal (150Km) the place where Kakatiyas ruled once upon a time. It is from this place that the monolithic rock statue of Buddha was brought and installed at Hussian Sagar, Hyderabad.  Bhongir which is on the way from here (12Km) to Hyderabad is also a historically famous place with Kaktiyas fort constructed on a huge monolithic single rock in the shape of a sleeping elephant of 150 feet hieght.

GOVT POLYTECHNIC, YADAGIRIGUTTA is constructed in 6 Acres 23 Guntas of land in Yadagiripally Village situated on Rajapet Road. Theland was donated by the local residents.


From the academic year 2008-09 the following two Diploma Courses were sanctioned with the annual intake as mentioned:

o    Diploma in Mechanical Engineering ……………….....60

o    Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering……..60


The Polytechnic has higly Technically qualified and  experienced Principal , 2 HoDs and 5 senior faculty. The 12 junior faculty appointed in 2013 with fresh M.Tech, M.Sc and B.Tech qualifications are exposed to trainings in latest methods of technical teaching at National Institute Of Tecchnical Teachers Training and Research Center , Chennai and also at Hyderabad Extension Center. There are  3 Ph.Ds 8 -M.Techs and9 -B.Tech graduates at present and very soon 2 more faculty are to complete Ph.D  and another five faculty, M.Tech.


Our institution has excellent infrastructure of massive RCC double storied structure of 3785 sq. mts.in sprawling 6 acres 23 guntas land. There are well furnished

o    6 class rooms,4Electrical Engg. Laboratories4Mechanical Engg. Laboratories besides Physics, Chemistry and Information Technology laboratories with all latest equipments.

o    There is  Rs. 12Lakhs.worth furniture, Rs. 25 lakhs worth latest equipment, Rs. 1 lakh worth books available in our institution.

o    Our institution is implementing Electronic Distribution of Examination Papers (EDEP) for receiving online Diploma Examinations Question Papers everyday. We are equipped with internet, system, printers and 3 KVA UPS for EDEP.

o    There is separate 50 KWelectric tranformer for the institution and to take care of power failures/ cuts we have 10 KVA Diesel Generator.

o     All the students and staff are provided with safe purified drinking water. Very soon the institution is coming out with RO plant for drinking water provision.

o    Sufficient number of wash rooms, separate toilets for ladies and staff with running water are available in each block of the entire building under proper maintainence for cleaning and repair


 Focused faculty attention on all students for better learning of the theory and practical skills. Scientific ways and means for identification of academically weak students through diagnostic tests and remedy them for better learning through latest techniques. Learning in groups, learning by doing through mini projects, assignments, seminars are planned. Continuous evaluation through slip tests/ quizes/oral tests for feed back on day to day activities, extending helping hand for slow learners to stagger their preparation etc,. It is planned from this year to seek feed back from the students for improved teachinglearning practices.Conducted one training programme by Educational Psychologist for improving learning abilities.


Regular faculty and staff meetings and more so before and after the Principals’ video conference meeting with the Commissioner of Technical Education, are conducted in our institution for information of all and prompt action by the concerned. Academic planning, monitoring, improved class room instructions, syllabus coverage, fixing targets, results analysis, budgetting, procurement, students discipline, students & staff welfare issues etc., are the usual agenda items.


The immediate next stakeholders i.e,. parents are regularly contacted for informing mainly the prolonged absence of their wards, indiscipline, fees dues, academic performance besides other issues for corrections from their side too. The Parent Teachers meetings are essentially convened in the beginning and mid of the academic year. The first year students parents are exclusively met after the final phase of admissions.


 Apart from issuing the books for students, opening of Reading room facility during extended hours of the institution has been started recently for optimum utilization of the library resources. The disadvantaged group of students are encouraged to utilise this facility too and develop the habbit of going to library.


Our institution has 30 capacity SDC well equipped with 30 systems, legal software, 10 MBPs internet connectivity,10 KVA uninterupted power supply, 3 nos.2 tonnes Air Conditioners,  comfortable seating furniture and excellent ambience. The full time SDC Coordinator, faculty trained in ProG CAD, Solid Edge technology and Polyskills work for the SDC for training the students in these programmes for better employment oppurtunities in addittion to their Diploma Programms


Every year there is tough competition for admission in our institution and several interested students return disheartened for not securing a seat. Every year the enrollment is almost total except in initial years of beginning. The end examination results too are better in comparison to the results of new Polytechnics started simultaneously. However, the institution as a whole is dedicated for achieving better results from this year with a minimum failure concept with good academic practices.

The rules for fees collection and certificate collection is as per the norms laid down by the Chairman & CTE, SBTET, Hyderbad, Telangana State.

The reservation policy is as per the state government norms.


Our institution has a Training and Placement Cell with dedicated faculty working for providing training and placeements of students. This year 10 Electrical and 21 Mechanical Engg. students got placements so far in Campus interviews. 3 companies have sent their willingness for placements and Hetero Drugs Pvt. Ltd., conducted Campus Interviews this year.

1                Sri. B.V.Ramana Prasad                     HEES                  Training and Placement Officer


As per All India Council for Technical Education notified regulation for prevention and prohibition of ragging in AICTE approved technical institutions, an anti ragging Squad team is here by consituted. 

S.NO         Name of the Staff                   Designation               Anti Ragging SQUAD

1                Shafiaz Akhtar                         Principal                     Chairman

2                K.Chakravarthy                       HMES                         Member

3                B. V. Ramana Prasad              HEES                          Member

4                K. Satyanarayana                    HGS                            Member

5                N. Rajitha Rani                       SL/Mech                     Member

6                Ashok                                      SI in POLICE             Member

7               I. Yellaiah                                L/EEE                         Member

8               A. Udayasri                             L/Mech                        Member

9               M. Srinivas                              L/Maths                       Memeber    


In order to ensure transparency by Technical instituion imparting technical education, in processes and with Paramount Objective of preventing unfair practices and to provide a mechanism to innocent students for redressal of their grievances, In exercise of the power conferred under Clause 1 of Section 23 of the All India Council for Technical Education, Act 1987 (52 of 1987), by keeping the similar objectives Ombudsman/Grievance Redress comittee has been established.

1               Sri G. GiriBabu                                 Deputy Director(DDT)


As per all India Council for Technical Education notified regulation, Grievance Redressal Committee is here by Constituted to resolve the unfair issue of the students and staff in the campus.

S.NO             Name of the Staff                     Designation                   Grievance Committee 

1                    Shafiaz Akhtar                           Principal                         Chairman

2                    K.Chakravathi                           HMES                             Member

3                    B.V.Raman Prasad                    HEES                              Member

4                    K.Satyanarayana                       HGS                                Member

5                    Y.Sathaiah                                 SL/Mech                        Member

6                    N. Rajitha Rani                          SL/Mech                        Member


A committee for SC/ST is constituted as following as per SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) act, 1989 vide order no 434 dated 15.05.2017.

S.No              Name of the Staff                       Designation                      SC/ST Committee

1                       Shafiaz Akhtar                             Principal                            Chairman

2                       K.Chakravarthy                           HMES                                Member

3                       B.V.Raman Prasad                      HEES                                 Member

4                       K.Satyanarayana                         HGS                                   Member

5                       Y, Sathaiah                                 SL/Mech                             Member

6                       I. Yellaiah                                   L/EEE                                 Member  

WOMEN CELL (Internal Complaint Committee) :

A Women's Grievance Redressal & Welfare Cell is here by constituted consisting the following staff members of the Institute as per Sec. 4 of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Ptohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 with immediate effect.

S. NO                  Name of the Staff                     Designation                 Internal Complaints Committee

1                          Shafiaz Akhtar                           Principal                       Chairman

2                          K. Madhumathi                          L/Physics                      Member

3                          N. Uma Reddy                           L/English                       Member

4                          L.Seetha                                     L/Chemistry                  Member

5                         Ayesha                                        Jr. Asst                          Member 


Objectives of the student council :

  • Representing the views of the student body to the college management
  • Promoting good communications with in the campus.
  • Supporting the education development programs in progress of students.
  • Assisting first year students in induction program.
  • Contribution to the enlargement of college policies.
  • Facilitate sports and cultural activities in college premises.

1              Smt. N.Rajitha Rani                           SL/Mech                       Student Councilor 


We  strongly believe that the administrative office in our institution with dedicated staff shouldering the responsibility for serving the students’ needs is our backbone for success. Immediate clearence for issue of certificates, bus passes, fees payment, online scholarship  approvals/sanctions/disbursements and redressal of their grievances are ensured.


A strong body is the index of strong mind. For better health and fit body, our institution believes in playing daily games and sports in the evenings. Every year competitions are conducted in our institution and also we send our students to other colleges for participating in tournaments. We have a qualified Physical Director, a big campus and sufficient games and sports material to conduct these activities.


Every year National festivals, Teachers Day, Engineers Day, Education Day, Voters’ Day, Swatch Bharath on first and third Saturdays, Tree plantations, cultural programms on Freshers’ Day/ Farewell Day and many more curricular and extra curricular activities are conducted every year.


Formation of Student Groupsfor Advanced Technical activities, inculcate industrial wok culture right from college days, conduct of Technical Exhibitions, Fairs, Technical Symposia, customised teachers / technical training in specialised areas with the available expertise, erection of wind mill and solar panels, aeroplane and bus body building unit in the institution campus, and the Scheme of Community development through Polytechnics.

For more information contact:

The Principal

Government Polytechnic,

Rajapet Road,Yadagirigutta,

 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri (District),Telangana-508115

08685-236330; Mobile-9010222182

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